Generalized Anxiety Disorder
 What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

People with generalized anxiety disorder are constantly worrying about all sorts of things and expect the worst. They suffer distress about any number of things like job performance, relationships, school grades, possible misfortune, etc. They worry in this fashion even though there may be no real threat of any one of them occurring.
It is normal to worry about such things when a difficulty arises. But people with generalized anxiety disorder are in a state of worry that seems endless. They often report that their worry is out of their control and they have trouble stopping their worry.
 What Types of Treatment Are Available?

Like most other anxiety disorders, the most effective treatment for GAD consists of either cognitive-behavioral therapy and/or medication assistance. Those who do not receive treatment are likely to continue having problems for the majority of their lives (though the symptoms themselves may wax and wane). Whether you would most benefit from therapy, medication, or both is best discussed after a thorough evaluation by a trained mental health professional. 
Evaluation and Treatment at Apex Therapy Services. Apex Therapy recognizes that their  treatment approach may not be for everyone. Treatment generally begins with an evaluation that allows for a full understanding of the problem so that different treatment options can be discussed and decided upon. These options often involve services available at Apex Therapy, from other mental health professionals in the community, or some combination of services.