Specific Phobia
 What is Specific Phobia?

Specific phobia is considered a persistent fear of specific things (like spiders) or situations (like flying). People with a phobia suffer such intense anxiety that they take extreme measures to avoid the situations or objects that make them so afraid. The closer the person is to the feared object or situation and the less chance of escape, the more intense is the anxiety, even to the point of panic

Types of Phobias:

      Dogs, insects, snakes
    Driving a car
    Tunnels, bridges
    Flying in an airplane

It is important to seek treatment for these problems when they have a negative effect on your functioning or you are bothered by your fear. The good news is that treatment for phobias is highly successful and often does not require many sessions.
 What Types of Treatment Are Available?

By far, the most effective treatment for phobias involves Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with an exposure component. When we talk about exposure therapy, we are really talking about the old saying, "face your fear."  In order to defeat a phobia, it is necessary to encounter the feared object/situation in a safe environment. By exposing yourself to what you are afraid of, but not experiencing the feared consequence, you will be able to overcome your fear. Many times, a phobia can be overcome with relatively few sessions if working with a trained professional. Occasionally, a relaxation component to therapy is included to help prepare the individual for the exposure. 
Evaluation and Treatment at Apex Therapy Services. Apex Therapy recognizes that their  treatment approach may not be for everyone. Treatment generally begins with an evaluation that allows for a full understanding of the problem so that different treatment options can be discussed and decided upon. These options often involve services available at Apex Therapy, from other mental health professionals in the community, or some combination of services.